Sell Your Car In Conroe, Texas

M & P Cash For Junk Cars wants to buy your unwanted vehicle. Smashed, dented, shiny, rusted, whole or in half, we will buy your car, SUV, or truck.


Why work with M & P Cash For Junk Cars?

M & P Cash For Junk Cars wants to buy your unwanted vehicle. Smashed, dented, shiny, rusted, whole or in half, we will buy your car, SUV, or truck. We offer some of the highest amounts in the Conroe area, we pay cash, and we usually do it the same day you contact us. We are a professional and trusted member of the car removal industry, dedicated to providing the highest value for your car. If you live in the Conroe area, let M & P Cash For Junk Cars take your unwanted car for the highest value.

How we work

Why Sell Your Car to Us?

Selling or a used or damaged car in Conroe can be a long and boring process often taking up more of your time than your unwanted car may be worth. It generally takes much more time to sell an unwanted car and usually involves:

  • ● Posting a classified ad on a website, usually more than one
  • ● Reading or listening to the responses as they arrive by email or phone
  • ● Responding to the responses
  • ● Scheduling people to come look at the car
  • ● Waiting for the people that never show up
  • ● Hassling over the price with the people that do show up
  • ● Getting the money, you asked for, when you want it
  • ● Scheduling towing if the car cannot be driven away

Selling to private parties can be difficult because of the flaky ones that never show up, the guy who wants to write you a check that you can take to the bank a week from Tuesday, or the person that wants to think about it for a week or two. M & P Cash For Junk Cars will show up and give you cash. Do not waste time with the “maybe’s” or the “are you willing to take’s” and let our company offer you a quote, hand over some money, and take your unwanted car away.

How Can M & P Cash For Junk Cars Help?

M & P Cash For Junk Cars is here to make this process easier for you. You can call us for a free quote for your car or fill out our contact form for a price. If you like the amount, we will come to you, give you the amount in cash, and in most cases, we tow the car the same day if we cannot drive it away. We buy cars in Conroe and the surrounding area and are ready to take your unwanted car off your hands. From our office staff to our procurement specialists, we are always friendly, professional, and courteous. Why wade through a swamp of multiple emails and voicemails to decide who to call back only to have many of those “interested” private parties either never show up or offer you well below the market value? Instead, make one call and our company will help you solve your junked or unwanted car problem.

What Cars Do We Buy?

M & P Cash For Junk Cars buys:

  • ● Cars as-is, no questions asked
  • ● Nice cars with fair market value offered
  • ● Ugly cars that no one else wants
  • ● Damaged cars with dents and broken windows
  • ● Cars that will not start that have become the neighborhood eyesore
  • ● Cars that barely look like cars with our junk car removal service
  • ● Salvaged title? We buy those, too. Our junk yard in Conroe has room for more.

That 1978 AMC Pacer on blocks on the side yard can be turned into cash. M & P Cash For Junk Cars can also give you money for that 2008 Civic with the salvage title blocking your garage. Your son bust up your Bronco? M & P Cash For Junk Cars will give you cash to replace that broken car in front of your house. We take pride in helping the consumer remove unwanted cars by simplifying the process, replacing your valuable time with little effort on your part and cash in your hand.

Moving and don’t have time to sell your car? Have one too many cars in your driveway? We buy nice cars too. Whether your car is a year old, a decade old, or your grandfather’s first car, M & P Cash For Junk Cars will remove that car from your home. Seeing a trend? M & P Cash For Junk Cars really does give you cash for your car on the spot, right here in the Conroe area, M & P Cash For Junk Cars has your unwanted car removal needs covered with fair market cash for your car typically the same day you contact us.

Give us a call for a free quote today. We look forward to helping you.